There are numerous types of windows that you can install for you residential or commercial project. There are also certain types of windows that are popular in Los Angeles that you would like to see if they can suit your project. The following are some of the most popular types of windows in Los Angeles:


These are the types of windows that are hinged at the top and get to open outward. Awning windows can be used on both residential and commercial windows. These types of windows are excellent for hard to reach places because they are easy to open. Because they open outward,  they are also good for use in bad weather.


These are types of windows that are made up of three windows that are projecting outwards from the building walls. The main advantage of these types of windows is the ability to have a sun filled portion of the room.


Slider windows are by far the best types of windows if you want to have a great view of the exterior. These types of windows get to open and close by sliding horizontally. They can be installed in all sizes and will be great if the windows are facing porches, patios or walkways.

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