What is an Energy Efficient Window ? This is a question that most homeowners and commercial building owners are likely to ask when they come across this term. Energy efficient windows are basically windows that help to lower your energy consumption and negative impact on the environment. There are certain elements that make energy efficient windows and they are as follows :


The Energy Efficiency of a window ins’t only limited to glass, but the frame of a window also plays a very important role. The materials, shapes and styles of the window frames play a vital role. Different materials have different insulation capabilities, hence it’s important to use materials with the highest insulation properties such as FiberGlass and Vinyl. The installation process also matters so as not to leave any air gaps.


Energy Efficient Glazing is important for reducing energy costs of your house because so much energy is lost through the window panes. There are different types of glazing namely single glazing, double glazing and triple Low-E Glazing.


Some windows are filled with gas in between panes to act as insulators. the gasses are denser than the atmosphere, odorless and colorless which makes them the perfect insulators. Inert gases are the one that usually fit this criteria, hence gases like Argon, Krypton and Xenon are used. These gases are non reactive and exist naturally hence there is no harm to be feared.

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